Sun Catcher
Transparent watercolor  
    Image size 17"x27"
Transparent watercolor
Image size 10"x7"
The White Zinnia
Transparent watercolor
Image size 17"x 27"
Jane Lux studied watercolor with Pat Lafferty for two
years , but is otherwise self taught.  Consequently, she
has learned simply by experience and experiment.
"Painting makes me acutely aware of the beauty
around me.  My purpose is to make us all pause long
enough to notice and rejoice."  Jane enjoys working
experimentally  using plastic wrap, tissue paper,
sponges, leaves, tape, gels, lace, alcohol, and an
occasional sprinkle of salt to create exciting effects.  "It
has to be fun before it gets serious."  She teaches
watercolor classes in which the emphasis is on
creativity and spontaneity, and conducts workshops in
the New York City metropolitan area.

Jane is an elected member of the NJ Water Color
Society, Garden State Watercolor Society, NJ Chapter
American Artists Professional League.  The artist's work
is in private and corporate collections throughout the
United States, Canada, Germany, France, and Mexico.
Jane Lux
Shell Seeker's Dream
Transparent watercolor
Image size 21"x14"
A Great Rhode Show
Transparent Watercolor
Image size 28"x20"
     Field Show
Transparent watercolor and collage
          Image size 14"x10"
   Out of the Blue
A Garden Party
Transparent Watercolor
  Image size 17"x13"